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DYMA SL FixedDyma CLAccessories
Fit Guide
Fit Guide

DYMA SL Fixed & Single Speed

DYMA SL Fixed & Single Speed

Availablility Discontinued Available Available
Unit Weight (grams) 330g (660g per set) ~140g (280g per set) ~140g (280g per set)
Strength 10/10 8/10 8/10
Surface flatness 6/10 10/10 10/10
Material Plastic Vinyl laminated plastic Carbon laminate
Final Form Flat Flat Flat
Finish Gloss/Tarmac Custom Digital Print 3D Carbon Laminated
Fitment Restricted - please check All 700c Wheels All 700c Wheels
Valve Window Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail
Recommended Use R, F, P, Tri. R, F, Tri. R, F, Tri.

Key: (R) Road, (F) Fixed, (P) Polo, (Tri) Triathlon.

Please note: DYMA SL, SLi and CL applications are not recommended for use on front wheels or in crosswinds exceeding 15 knots (28km/h). Please ensure the overlap part line of each disc is facing away from oncoming wind to make sure wind does not catch the edge of your discs.

DYMA's main priority is safety. If you are unsure of the installation procedure for any of the above products, please contact our team for further information.



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