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Fit Guide
Fit Guide


Will a set of DYMA Discs fit my bike?
DYMA SLi and CL Discs have been universally manufactured to suit most 700c rear wheels. For more information about compatibility, see our Fit Guide on the Products page with your wheel and a ruler in hand.

If you are in doubt about whether or not this product will suit your application, feel free to contact our team with a description of your wheel along with an image.

Where can I buy a set of DYMA SLi's or CL's?
Currently, DYMA Discs are only being sold on this website in the Products section.

Can I buy multiple sets?
Sure, provided we have the stock. Please contact us to ensure we can fulfill your order.

I want to stock this product in my shop, can you sell DYMA SLi or CL's at a wholesale price?
Yes, we certainly can. Enquire within.

How noisy are the DYMA Discs?
In fact, the DYMA Discs are very quiet. The way in which the discs are laid into a convex shape on the wheel and then fastened tightly to the structure of the wheel provides a very tight fit that diminishes any chance of shifting, flapping or vibration.

Will the DYMA Discs have a tendency to spin independently to my wheel?
Due to the configuration and positioning of the fasteners, the DYMA Discs will not spin independently to your rear wheel. An extensive amount of testing has been completed to provide safety of use, low noise and a firm attachment.

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